Going digital while remaining centered

Seeing an increase in the amount of people seriously affected by stress and anxiety, one of the sources is often from an expectation to always being connected, whether through phone, email, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Lack of time to disconnect is often a contributing factor.

Take one minute.  You can even use your phone to set the timer.  Then set the phone down…no don’t touch it.  Use the next minute to just breathe and pay attention to your own breath.  When the timer sounds, ask yourself a few things to think about. Did it feel like forever?  Were you still going over a list of things to do in your head? Did a car honk, fly buzz, or other sound get your attention that you normally wouldn’t notice? Savor these observations there is no right or wrong.

Like that minute, then add another minute tomorrow and you are on your way to re-centering your life.